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Since a child I’ve always been a bit of a magpie for all things sparkly and pretty. When I was living in Asia I was introduced to the idea of japa mala for meditation – I have a super ‘monkey’ mind so for me this was a really useful tool for centering myself. The first mala I ever bought has a beautiful carnelian stone as the guru bead and as I was buying it I realised how many other amazing malas could be created by incorporating semi precious stones into the design. I purchased more than one mala in Asia I have to confess but it was only when I got back to the UK that I considered starting making them myself. This was the prime example of one of those ideas that your heart really wants to do but your mind tells you, “you couldn’t possibly do that!” I made a warrior’s choice to listen to my heart and give it a shot and Anjali Energy Jewellery was born!

These are malas and bracelets to celebrate the Spirit within you. Inspired by yoga, shamanism, energetics, my magpie tendencies and a love of semi precious stones.These are malas to maybe help you with your meditation practice, to tune you in to a particular energy you want to embody, to empower you or simply to add an extra special touch to your outfit on or off the mat. You choose!

The malas follow the traditional design of 108 beads plus guru bead. Choose whether to have sterling silver spacer beads (better for moving over the stones in meditation) and the colour of tassel along with the semi precious stones that resonate with you. Setting an intention for your mala when you first use or wear it is also a really good way to connect in with the energies you wish to imbue it with.


See a sample of my designs on my Anjali Energy Facebook page here and follow me to stay posted on special limited edition designs too!

(NB. This is a Facebook page and you don’t have to be a FB member to view it – if you are and you’d like to ‘like’ my page too I’d be more than happy!)


Custom orders available. Email for more information.


Please Note:
Semi precious stones are exactly that – precious! Please be aware that getting your mala wet will affect the appearance and quality of your stones.

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