Sometimes it's difficult to get to the class you want to go to - I hear you!

Online classes are a great way to practice from the comfort of your own home, at the time that suits you. Yes - you can even practise in your pyjamas if you wish!


Join me for a Forrest Yoga class you can practise at home with


A Weight Off the Shoulders (20 mins)

This Forrest Yoga class focuses on poses to help you to connect to the serratus anterior – the muscle responsible for stabilising the arm and shoulder. Learn how to activate the serratus anterior and use it to support you in basic inversions to keep the shoulders feeling strong and spacious!

Core Connection (40 mins)

In Forrest Yoga, when we think of the core we are not just referring to the abs, but the whole area from the top of the head all the way down to the base of the spine. In this class you will choose one spot in this area to focus on in order to connect to it more deeply. Expect to generate juicy energy in your core, create space in your hips and enjoy a deliciously relaxed neck! This class is not suitable for pregnant women as it includes core work and uddiyana banda.


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