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"Having had rapidly increasingly painful hip pain diagnosed as the dreaded arthritis, I feared, from there, it was all downhill to limited movement. I had tried Forest yoga once before but I must not have been motivated enough because I found it too intense.


Under protest I accompanied a friend to a class and found my saviour in Ros. In this first class I was impressed with Ros and, quite amazingly, the improvement in my pain.  Initially I was so pleased I wanted to write a testimonial after a couple of classes but waited to see if things would continue to improve. Hardly daring too hope, I continued classes and found the relief was improved and sustained.  Now - about twelve classes on, I am aware of discomfort but not pain.  An amazing result.


Ros creates a warm but firm professional class environment with clear  and continuous instruction, guidance and demonstration.  Somehow she is able to monitor each individual’s quality of pose and make all the adjustments needed, which she spots instantly.  Ros has endless modifications to suit everyone’s limitations and needs, often discreetly giving an encouraging massage to someone’s troublesome area.


Having done yoga off and on for years, finding varying levels of relief for back, neck and wrist injuries, I now know I was never dedicated enough to gain the most from yoga.  Combining Ros's style of teaching yoga together with my own more dedicated state of mind, has proved a revelation for me.  The depth and intensity of the poses, I have achieved with her help, has almost completely ended my thirty years of neck and shoulder pain.  Broken ten years ago, my increasingly painful wrists, now feel fine.


Ros’s emphasis on working with the very deepest of breath, has helped my health and finally made me ‘get’ focus.  For the first time, I can use the breath to concentrate on and stay with every pose instead of my mind either wandering or firing off relentlessly.  For the first time, I have learned to mentally relax by being ONLY in the class."

Kay Jeffrey, Cambridgeshire.


"Classes with Rosalind led me to regain a lot of strength & confidence. As a result of continued yoga I have lost weight and reduced both my blood pressure and pulse rate. The muscle tone in my body, particularly in my arms has also increased.

I have also rejected foot surgery to fuse  my heel bones as my foot pain has decreased & my gait and posture has improved. Everyone has noticed that I am walking better and standing tall. I am constantly 'telescoping' my ribs! Thank you for introducing me to Forrest Yoga. "

Caroline, Dundee.


"Rosalind is a fantastic teacher as she embodies the essence of Forrest Yoga in her intense yet relaxing classes. Rosalind teaches us how to reconnect with the breath as well as cultivate strength and integrity in our poses. She provides a safe and comprehensive practice designed to increase flexibility and strength while soothing the mind and nourishing the soul. I love her awesome adjustments as her ministrations help to ease the tension in my body and I always leave her class feeling energized and relaxed at the same time."

Karin Tang, Kuala Lumpur.



"I hated yoga, I had tried so many classes and so many teachers and I left each one feeling frustrated and not wanting to go back.  Ros made it accessible for me, she was encouraging and showed how I could do the poses with my limited flexibility.  Now I really look forward to the classes and can see that I am improving."

Eve Carroll, Kuala Lumpur.

"My yoga practice had entered a period of inertia and I desperately needed some help jumpstarting it. Enter Ros, a patient and well-versed yoga instructor who quickly got me back on the mat with confidence and enthusiasm. I was lucky to benefit from one-on-one guidance, and could not recommend it more. Ros understood my needs and delivered bespoke lessons that matched my skill level. Great chat and lovely vibes were a fantastic bonus. Thank you, Ros!"

Rachel Jena, Kuala Lumpur.

"Ros is a natural teacher and always makes me feel comfortable. I enjoyed her prenatal classes a lot as the classes are gentle, relaxing but still challenging. Ros has great energy and focus, especially felt through the breathing practices where energy is gathered and channelled to specific parts of the body. The breathing techniques are awesome and it helped me improve my blood circulation as well as ease my back and hip aches as and when I needed relief."

Theresa Tan, Kuala Lumpur.

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