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#RunningYogi T-minus 9 weeks

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Last week was a tough week. It started with the realisation that I had actually mis-read my training plan and jumped a head a week the week before. So my 12km run was actually supposed to be a 10k! Oops! At least I actually did it though! After writing my last blog post I joined the gym I teach at so that I can do some hill training and not have to worry about where I am going to find the hills to practise running up! (Peterborough is pretty flat for those of you who have never visited - question to self - why am I not running my half marathon in this flat city then?!)

So, having established which week of the training plan I was supposed to be on, I then proceeded to tweak my back out teaching/practising last Monday. A great reminder of why I and updog will never be best of friends, and why low cobra and therapeutic backbends kick ass. You live, you learn. Tweaky back actually wasn't the thing that stopped me running, it was more the fact that I barely slept as my back was really uncomfortable to lie down and my legs were a bit tingly - making me worried that my sciatica was making an unwanted come back. I managed to do my two easy runs fine though. Thursday meant a much-needed trip to the chiropractor to get my SI joint rehoused where it should be sitting and an unexpected but rather relief inducing couple of thoracic adjustments too. Friday morning I was supposed to wake up early and run 10 km - Friday morning it just wasn't happening though. I was going away to teach workshops in Newcastle and decided that I needed (and would benefit more from) a bit of extra sleep. I managed to fit a 6k run in, somewhere in between teaching my morning class, packing and catching my train! Sunday I was back on the treadmill for more hills - they are hard but I think I prefer them to intervals - which clearly means I need to be doing more interval training!! I may just wait until they make an appearance on the training plan before I tackle those!

So, I did not achieve all of my training goals last week, but I did however get my running shoes on 4 times so this is something I will acknowledge and give myself credit for. I am hoping for a more solid week's training ahead and am focusing on that rather than last week's shortcomings.

A little reminder and shout out that I am running this race to raise money and (maybe more importantly) awareness for Prostate Cancer UK. My JustGiving page can be found here - I still have 35% of my target to get but would like to raise more if I'm being really honest as I think this is a very important but perhaps overlooked cause. If you feel inclined to donate I would very much appreciate it :-)

Until next week!

Running in Beauty,


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